Birthday Gift Ideas

Need Ideas For A Brithday Gift?

Most of us think of our birthdays as the most special, personal day of the whole year. Being the center of attention has its advantages, but how do you make that special day worth waiting for? All you need is a little thought and a little creativity. From sweet sixteen, to turning twenty-one, and onward to those really big ones, birthday gifts can be so special and don’t need to cost a fortune.

The key to giving great birthday gifts is to really observe a person’s likes and dislikes. Even when they say, “Don’t make a fuss,” be sure to read between the lines. You can never make someone feel too special, so go for it and make his or her birthday extra special and the best ever!

Collection Perfection. Most kids collect something, whether it’s baseball cards, cars, dolls, snow globes, or autographs. Inquire what a child collects and add to his collection with a special addition, love from you. Or if he hasn’t started a collection, check out themes of interest and let your gift be the first of many to help build one.

Queen of Hearts. “Sweet Sixteen” is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Show her with heart-felt gifts, a corsage of sweetheart roses, a box of heart-shaped candy, and a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant beautifully wrapped and sitting on her night table to surprise her when she wakes up. Don’t forget the heart-shaped pancakes and paper crown waiting on the kitchen table.

Charmed, I’m Sure. Start a tradition. Give your Sweet Sixteen a charm bracelet with a Sweet Sixteen charm. As the years pass, you can add charms to remind her of special occasions. This will be a gift she can cherish through her whole life.

Pretty in Pink. Let her know just how beautiful she is on this special day with a bouquet of pink rose buds and a note saying, “We’re tinkled pink it’s your birthday!”

The Key to His Heart. He’d love a Ferrari, but he’ll have to settle for the next best thing. Car loving sixteen-year-olds will appreciate a subscription to a car magazine, a personalized key chain, or a replica or photograph of his dream car.

“Balms Away.” It’s never too soon to start taking care of your skin. Give a basket of skin-care products, including lip balm, skin cream, SPF 30 suntan lotion, cleansing lotion, shaving cream, and moisturizer. For a special touch, add a gift certificate for a facial.

Hey, Big Spender. Fill a wallet with a gift certificate or gift card tucked inside and some spending cash. Don’t forget to add a picture of the entire family. Have the wallet embossed with his initials for a personal touch.

Vintage Gear. Know someone with a passion for fashion? While you’re at the thrift shops, check out the clothes from way back then. Yesterday’s costume jewelry is new again, especially if you can find sweater-pin sets and rhinestone sunglasses! If you find a poodle skirt, you’ll know you’ve hit pay dirt! From platform shoes, to go-go boots and ladybug pins, there’s something for every fifty-year old that will take each one of them back to their youth.

Life’s a Game. Remember Red Rover, Hopscotch, Old Maid, Jump Rope, Jacks, etc.? Give her a goody bag full of childhood fun and laughter. Include the book If Life Is a Game, Then These Are the Rules by Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. for wonderful insights for any age.

The $64,000 Question. Make up a quiz about your happenings through her life. You could include life-changing events, teen idols, music, movies, and/or even old boyfriends to show her how varied and rich her life has been. Give her the ultimate quiz at a birthday lunch in her honor and the $64,000 prize that you selected. Excellent choices are nostalgic items like a memorabilia item including a favorite-celebrity-autographed photo, a collection of CDs from the year she was Sweet Sixteen, or even an enlarged photograph of a special memory that you secretly got from a family member and then have framed.

A Bright Idea. Shower her with candlelight. Find bunches of quirky and unique candleholders…from votives to flower pots, tablespoons, tiny glass boxes, anything to hold a candle. Assemble fifty of them in a basket with fifty candles to brighten her life.